Grow Our 3 Schools

Our History

In 1975, we opened our first school for primary age children in Port Au Prince.Today, there are 2 school locations attached to the ministry. Our Gressier location and our Port Au Prince location. The curriculum for these schools is based upon what is required by the Haiti Department of Education. Our children begin school in September and end June. They are run by Giovani Vital with the help of his wife Charlotte. Since schools in Haiti are all private, tuition costs are required to be paid to cover teachers and for the facilities. The problem that inlies is that most families cannot even afford to pay for food, let alone an education. Yet our ministry works with the families and the children because we understand the importance of kids getting an education. We use whatever donations are made through the general support contributions to help provide financial means to pay costs associated with running the schools. 


The Teachers

There are many qualified teachers that would like to teach at our school. To be able to grow the school the ability to expand and hire and pay our current teacher is a great need for the ministry. To put it in persepective, the costs for paying teachers in Haiti for a month is about the same as the cost of about one pair of designer shoes or sneakers.

Our Children

Our children love to learn and go to school!  The school provides classes in English, Mathematics, Science and History. Supporting their educational goals is the best investment you can make in the future of Haiti and these children's lives.