About Michel & Marie Vital Foundation

For more than 40 years, we have been ministering to the children and families of Haiti who are struggling and in terrible poverty.  We operate by providing resources, programs and services that allow us to invest in the individuals of Haiti band provide them with opportunities to grow up healthy,  get an education and prepare them to  succeed and contribute to their communities. 

Development and Evangelization of the Haitian Community

We are dedicated to creating a legacy of providing and aiding in the development and evangelization of the Haitian community.

How we use your Donation

By donating you are joining us on our mission to impact the lives of individuals living in Haiti spiritually, physically and intellectually. Impacting lives early makes a huge difference which is part of our mission in building an orphanage and your contribution goes a long way in aiding in this ministry. Please consider donating today to make a difference.

Our Goals

1) Impact individuals residing in Haiti spiritually

2) Create a positive economic and social impact

3) Enhance the image of the community

4) Promote a healthy lifestyle

5) Improve the quality of life for the community members of all ages.